Unique Benefits

The unique benefits of working with Metaview360 include:

  • The creation of a Metadata Governance and Management Standard Roadmap – You receive a standard, repeatable method which is then taught and built into your own business and IT processes to ensure ongoing self-sufficiency.
  • SMART Client Vision – Your Company receives a practical proven solution that meets the highest, specific needs of your organization, not something generic or that is “one size fits all”.  This solution allows you to articulate your vision in discrete, actionable, measureable goals. We support and hold you to your vision when the going gets tough.
  • A Part-time Data Czar as needed – Accountability to your vision, continuous mentoring and review at a fixed, known cost. Your organization is able to retain resources to help provide continuous focus on your strategy, goals and objectives. You receive periodic, planned deep expertise applied to the execution and continuous improvement of your data management environment.
  • A Corporate Vocabulary – We quickly develop a Business Glossary of Terms that will improve communication through consistent business measurement and results.  This provides a powerful application of the underlying principles of data management.
  • Independent Advice – We are Tool aware and Tool agnostic so that you receive an evaluation of and recommendations for tools that will best serve your short and long-term needs.  Our recommendations are cost justified, and sufficient to meet your needs and implementation capabilities. Our founder has worked for three different data management tool vendors.