Metaview360 uses processes to ensure that each engagement we accept meets the Data Governance needs of our clients.  Processes result in deliverables which serve as the documentation by-product of the process steps, and are the set of engagement deliverables which guide the each step of the project.

Metaview360 processes and deliverable checklists include but are not limited to:

Process 1- Analyze – Laying the Foundation

  • Review and verify the Project definition and scope
  • Hardware/Software Infrastructure
  • Documented Vendor Liaison Process
  • Phase Review and Approval

Process 2 – Design

  • ID and Document Data Governance/Metadata Roles
  • Formalized definition of Data Stewardship
  • Final HW/SW Infrastructure Requirements
  • Draft Training Plan
  • Hardware/Software Acquisition
  • Perform initial Metadata Load/Import
  • Draft Metadata Lifecycle, Best Practices, and Standards
  • Phase Review and Approval

Process 3 – Development

  • Schedule/Prepare Training per Plan
  • Launch Data Stewardship Process
  • Install & Configure Development, Test, and Production Environments
  • Standard Processes in existing Development Lifecycle or Development Standards
  • Import and Organize Priority Metadata in the Repository
  • Metadata Reports and Queries
  • Phase Review and Approval

Process 4 – Testing & Implementation

  • Automated Batch Scripts for Recurring Processes/Events
  • On-going Coaching and Mentoring
  • Project and Environment Assessment for Process Improvement
  • Phase Review and Approval