Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Services Do You Offer?
A selection of services designed to help you to improve your data management function.  This can entail data management assessment, skill-development, data architecture development, and organizational recommendations.  Services include but are not limited to:

  • Focused Data Management Presentations and Webinars
  • Data Meeting Facilitation for Data Modeling
  • Building the Business Glossary
  • Data and Information Goal Setting
  • Data Governance Metrics
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Standards Development
  • Developing data-mindful business processes
  • Data Governance Start-up
  • Executive Presentations
  • Workshop Training for Intact Groups:
    • Data Management Concepts
    • Creating the Corporate Vocabulary
    • Data Modeling
    • Developing your Business Glossary
  • Data Management Tool Reviews:  Modeling, Data Quality, ETL, BI, and Meta data Repositories
  • White Paper Development

How do you offer your services?
Training, facilitation of meetings and work groups typically requires time spent at the client’s place of business working face-to-face.  Often this work can transition to using conference calls with web presentation tools.  Some work products can be developed off-site and delivered to the client.  Metaview360 makes every effort to deliver its services in the most effective, and cost effective manner.

What deliverables can we expect?
Metaview360 believes in specifying tangible deliverables for its work engagements.  For example, Meeting facilitation deliverables would include the meeting agenda and meeting notes with action items clearly defined, assigned and with delivery dates.  The deliverables for training workshops are the (customized) course description, course outline, delivery, handouts, and evaluations.  Standards and process development result in the standard or process defined and documented specifically for the client.

Who do you typically work for in an organization?
Most data management initiatives report into the CIO of the organization.  We may work at the executive level (CIO and peers) if instituting the data governance function.  Often the data management function focuses on the creation of a data warehouse or data marts.  In that case, the person(s) responsible for those systems is often the key point of contact.  CFOs and COOs are concerned with the overall performance of all the assets in an enterprise and therefore they are sometimes the sponsor for Metaview360 engagements.

How much does it cost to work with Metaview360?
Fees vary according to the level and duration of the service and the expertise of the consultant.  The range is typically between $1200-$2000 per day.    Training delivery is typically $2000/day.  Expenses are separate and not included in the fee structure.  Some offerings are fixed-price, fixed-duration in nature and those prices are listed in the Service Description.