Core Principles

The core principles with which we operate with are as follows:

#1 – Commitment to deep understanding of data management principles.

This provides you with:

  • The critical analytical assessment of your data environment
  • No “fluff” in our consultants – they are experienced practitioners in their field
  • Consultants that know how to achieve managed data environments in varied client business and technical environments.

#2 –  Honesty and truthfulness with ourselves and our clients

That means:

  • Problems are acknowledged and resolved
  • We have trusted relationships that are our imperative to doing business
  • We take risks for the benefit of client outcomes

#3 –  Fair and professional business practices

As shown by:

  • Our agreements, which are clearly documented up-front for transparency and to manage expectations (Statements of Work, NDAs, Consultant Agreements, etc.)
  • The way we protect the legal rights of clients and Metaview360
  • Our willingness to employ other independent consultants who have the required level of expertise

#4 – Ask for help and feedback early and often

Because of this, you get:

  • Open and honest work practices
  • Assurance of the best outcome for your project
  • Continuous building of data management expertise and understanding