Experience means you’ve seen the problem before and resolved it successfully.  We do this day and day out for our clients. Here are 3 short case studies that will help you learn a bit more about the problems we have solved.

Untangled business data leads to trusted information

The Situation
A large financial establishment has separate divisions for supporting individual/personal investments from workplace/employee investments.  There is potentially a lot of overlap among the individuals in these two separate divisions.  They wish to  increase cross-selling of services to individuals, understanding their full investment relationships to the company as individuals and as employees of their workplace clients.  They merge the two divisions in support of that sales goal. Click to read more…

Clear data = simplified business process = huge cost savings

The Situation
A computer power supply manufacturing plant was experiencing unacceptable delays in planning, building, and shipping products to order every month. Inventory costs were high and rising.   It was also taking weeks to close the books for any given month.  Business margins were shrinking and the plant needed to drastically reduce costs, accomplish on-time production, and to view accurate business and financial metrics at any moment during the monthly cycle. Click to read more…

Metadata saves the day – and weeks of costly error correction

The Situation
A large securities trading and investment firm published daily figures to its agents and customers on its member website.  The information was derived from the previous day’s business and was produced as reports from the corporate data warehouse.  The agents and customers viewed it as a very useful, value-added function from the investment firm. Click to read more…